Agnes Scott Develops Official Arboretum Archive

In a new development for Agnes Scott’s urban forestry program, an official Archive for the Agnes Scott Arboretum is now in use.

The Arboretum Archive is a digital system for capturing, managing, and organizing any communications and documentation related to the urban forest.  The database contains a wealth of information pertaining to the Arboretum’s management, history, and tree care.

Producing and implementing this Archive is a huge step towards the standard level of organization and accountability set by the Urban Forestry Sustainability and Management Audit performed by Agnes Scott in 2014.  In fact, the archive was produced as a direct result of the audit team’s very first recommendation for Agnes Scott, as quoted in part here from the Audit Report:

“Program Documentation- Recommendations- Develop a campus arboretum archive to house all documentation related to management, planning, mapping, inventories, policy, budgeting and correspondence.  Establish a protocol for maintenance of this archive.”

The Archive was compiled by Office of Sustainability intern Claudia Mitchell, a rising senior at Agnes Scott College, again in partnership with the US Forest Service.  The production of the Archive and the protocol for its maintenance are proof that Agnes Scott is well on its way to fully implementing the 2014 audit’s recommendations, and to further growing as an Arboretum.