Trees & Water

Alumna Annie Graefe ’11 talks about trees and water quality. Agnes Scott Hall, behind you, straddles the Eastern Continental Divide. Rainfall here makes its way via the Chattahoochee basin to the Gulf of Mexico; on the opposite side of the … Continue reading

Carbon Sinks

Question: how is a southern red oak (Quercus falcata) like Atlanta‚Äôs Lake Lanier? Answer: just as a reservoir stores water, an oak stores carbon. Photosynthesis is the process by which a tree uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into new … Continue reading

Tree Canopy

Associate Professor of Astronomy Amy Lovell talks about “Tree Canopy.” Sometimes it helps to look at things from a new perspective. You are standing on the Celestial Spheres plaza of the Bradley Observatory and Delafield Planetarium. Look down. If the … Continue reading

Native Trees

What if you were a tree, rooted to one spot? Surely you would prefer a suitable place to live: dry or wet to suit your taste, hot or cold, in soil acidic or alkaline. Native trees like those here, west … Continue reading