Green Champions of the Agnes Scott Arboretum

On December 19th, at the President’s Annual Holiday Lunch, both Jim Abbot and Tammy Roundy, key players in the inspiration, design, and support of the Agnes Scott Arboretum, were awarded Green Champion Awards.

Dr. Jim Abbot, visiting assistant professor of classics, proposed the idea of Agnes Scott College as an arboretum in 2011 and led the arboretum to the interactive tour that it is today. With his beautiful prose and bountiful knowledge of trees, Jim has been an irreplaceable member of the Arboretum Team.

Tammy Roundy, web developer in Information Technology Services, was asked to help create an interactive desktop and mobile site for the arboretum and gave a truly innovative and interactive website that has countless abilities to grow. The arboretum would not be as nearly forward thinking without her ability to maneuver gracefully through html and her much needed structure during the design process.

Without the passion and expertise these two A-Team members gave to the project, the Agnes Scott Arboretum may still be a seedling, but with their help, it is growing and providing inspiration to the community and a wider audience. We congratulate them on this much deserved award.

  • The inaugural Green Champion Awards were given in 2011 to Harry Wistrand for creating the Environmental & Sustainability Studies minor and to John Mobley for his tireless work on helping increase the college’s waste diversion.