Red Maple

Red Maple trees can be found growing in many places around the Agnes Scott Arboretum, including at the tour stop that we call Trees & Water.

The Red Maple tree, or Acer rubrum, is a deciduous tree that is native to Georgia and across eastern North America; it is the most common tree variety in America, as it is adaptable to a wide range of soil and climate conditions.  At its full height, it can grow from 59-89 feet tall.  The easiest way to distinguish a red maple from other maple trees is by its leaves; they are arranged oppositely on the twig, and have 3 or 5 serrated, shallow lobes to each leaf.  You can identify these leaf features in the photo below of the leaves of a Red Maple at the Agnes Scott Arboretum.

Red Maple Leaves

A bit of Red Maple Treevia–The red maple has many names- it is also sometimes called the swamp maple, the water maple, or the soft maple.

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